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Walther LG400 Hunter Field Target

October 10th 2014

The Walther LG400-HFT

Roger B. from the UK has converted a Walther LG400 from 6 fpe to 12 fpe for hunter field target (HFT) use. He used a Walther LG300 MK2 16 Joule regulator set at 85 bar in combination with the adapter as shown on this page.

The second HFT match Roger shot with the LG400 was round 8 of the UKAHFT  National Series at Cambridge . In the open class 129 shooters participated and Roger finished 5th place after shoot off. His score of 57 was only 1 point behind the match winner Barry Smith who scored 58 out of a maximum of 60 points (using a BSA Scorpion). See the UKAHFT website for full results.

Roger comments: “LG400 –  faultless pellet delivery at UK round, only one point behind winner although I was rubbish in the shoot off but didn’t care”

Especially for HFT use the LG400 got it’s carbon fibre barrel shroud shortened (using a diamond blade wet tile cutter) , a Walther LG300 Dominator long hamster was added and a copper tube filled with lead was added to the buttplate for better weight distribution. Roger made himself a button shaped triggerblade like the one used on the LG300 rifles. The front barrel clamp was modified to get a fully free floating barrel. The barrel clamp
was ground out on the pillar drill with a Dremel round sand wheel and the two bolt holes in the clamp were elongated.

A very good looking HFT rig……….see for yourself:

Roger B.'s Walther LG400-HFT

Roger B.’s Walther LG400-HFT

Roger B.'s Walther LG400-HFT

Roger B.’s Walther LG400-HFT

Roger has converted another Walther LG400 for his friend Geoff. I made the regulator adapter and set the LG300 reg at 85 bar for him.
Another Walther LG400-Hunter Field Target is born:

Geoff from England's Walther LG400 Hunter Field Target. Converted by Roger B.

Geoff from England’s Walther LG400 Hunter Field Target. Converted by Roger B.

Another nice example of an Walther LG 400 converted to 16 Joule for Hunter Field Target (HFT) was made in the Czech republic. Many pictures and more info in this review: This LG400 HFT is based on the LG400 Economy.

Walther LG400 HFT from:


10 thoughts on “Walther LG400 Hunter Field Target

  1. Hi Roger,

    Nice looking rigs there. I have a question regarding the cutting of the shroud. Did you see any noticeable change in shot groupings, good or bad after cutting it shorter? Did you tape the shroud for cutting or just cut it with the above mentioned cutter?

    Also, would be interested to see/know how you converted the barrel band to make it free floating, (pics)?


  2. Hi S, when cutting CF tubes it is always best to tape up the cut area with plastic insulating tape, after cutting some careful polishing with 1200 wet and dry will give a good finish.
    The length of shroud has no effect on shot groupings, just makes a different noise 🙂
    Once you have your shroud off cut, you can carefully sand away inside the barrel band, checking often for clearance. It takes a long time to get it just right, 1-2 hrs.

  3. Just like to say that Geoff took 1st place with his Blue Beauty LG400 at the Southern Hunters HFT round at Cambridge today after a close shootoff.

    • Congratulations Geoff. Good Shooting.
      And thank you for posting this Roger. To me this result shows that the converted LG400 is a reliable performer.

  4. This time it was my turn, and Jeff took a back seat. I managed to gain 3rd place in the fiendishly difficult Winter Diabolical, an annual HFT competition at Cambridge. It is set according to the whims of Tony Haas and is NOT to UKAHFT rules, Kill zones and distances can be almost anything – from 8 to 70 yards, positions are freestyle using prone, kneel or stand as needed and twigs and obstructions are the norm!
    There were some 73 competitors including a team from the Netherlands including the Dutch National Team HFT Captain and the Czech Republic.
    For the first time, I managed to win a shootoff 🙂
    More details here:

  5. I did a little Wiki page on our beloved LG400 16J conversion, I’ll put some more details on it from time to time.

  6. Well after a year of shooting the 400 outdoors I decided to strip clean and polish the hammer and the surrounding parts. I also renewed the seal 2761921 and O Ring 2761823 at the same time as there was a tiny mark on the seating surface.
    The strip down is the same as the LG300 detailed by RobF on Shooting The Breeze. The lower sear pin needs to be drifted out with a parallel punch and also the hammer pin.
    I cleaned and polished the hammer spring ends and hammer with Brasso wadding (UK metal cleaning material), cleaned all the chassis parts with Isopropanol, wiped on, let set a while and then wiped off BreakFree CLP on the hammer and spring to leave a basic amount of corrosion protection.
    It is a pretty easy job if you are careful, especially relocating the 2 sear washers back into position. I also rotated the hammer adjustment screw locking pin so that it gripped the threads tighter.
    Over the chrono afterwards it was VERY consistent.
    I shot the 400 at an HFT extreme comp last Saturday and was very pleased with its performance out to 60 yards +
    Don’t be afraid to clean the LG400, it is an indoor gun and needs a bit of TLC now and again 🙂

  7. Also happy to pay slightly more if someone can do this for me.

    • Hi Greg,
      I’m very busy this weekend with organising a 50 targets FT and 40 targets HFT match. So I’ll give you a short answer now. I can supply you with an adapter needed to fit the LG300 16 Joule (12 ft/lb) regulator to the LG400. I can also set the 16 Joule reg to the right pressure so you can get to 12 ft/lb from the LG400. After that there is not much left to do than mount the new reg to rifle and set to the desired velocity by a small turn on the hammer screw.
      I can also work on the rifle for you, if you like, but it will require a shipping back and forth of the rifle which is a hassle (difficult to find couriers that ship packages of over 1 meter length to the UK) and expensive.
      When you become a follower on this website I can see your email address and send you an email with more detailed info.
      Have a nice weekend,

  8. Hi

    Roger B , i wonder with you being in the uk if you could convert my LG400 for HFT for me . happy to add a little bit more to your price if you could do this for me.

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