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Walther Air Cylinders

To change the weight and weight distribution of its air rifles Walther offers 4 different types of air cilinders. They are all suited for 300 bar fills.

From heavy to light there are:

1. The Maxi cylinder.  Material: Steel. Volume: 267 cm3.  Length: 460 mm. Weight: 930 gram. The Walther Dominator field target rifle cylinder.

Maxi steel 267ccm 460mm 930gram

2. The Standard cylinder. Material: Steel. Volume: 200 cm3.  Length: 380 mm. Weight: 750 gram. The Walther LG300 10m cylinder.

Standard steel 200ccm 380mm 750gram

3. The Silver cylinder. Material: Aluminum. Volume: 181 cm3.  Length: 385 mm. Weight: 460 gram. The Walther LG400 cylinder.

Silver aluminium 181ccm 385mm 460gram

4. The Junior cylinder. Material: Aluminum. Volume: 154 cm3.  Length: 335 mm. Weight: 450 gram. The Junior rifle and Walther Dominator Hunter cylinder.

Junior alu 154ccm 335mm 450gram

All four Walther cylinders: 220

All four Walther cylinders: Maxi 267cc, Steel 200cc, LG400 Aluminium Silver 181cc, Junior Aluminium Black 154cc

Which one to choose?

I find the Maxi cylinder too heavy for my liking.  They come as standard on the Dominator field target rifles. I have one for my laminate Dominator and for the Alutec Dominator but do not use them a lot. The rifles feel very heavy and front heavy with this cylinder. For these Dominator rifles I prefer the Standard cylinder for FT use and the Junior cylinder for HFT.

On my 16 Joule LG400 Alutec I use the Standard and the Silver LG400 cylinders. I have not decided yet which one I like the most. This also depends on the scope used on the rifle. The weight difference between a Leupold 40x competition (576 gram), a Sightron 10-50×60 (850 gram) and a Big Nikko (1100 gram) is also considerable. The cylinder of choice depends on the scope used to balance the whole combination of rifle, scope and cylinder.

Even the smallest Junior cylinder has enough air capacity to get at least 70 shots from a 200 Bar fill on a 16 Joule / 12 fpe LG300 rifle  (and even more from the LG400 which is more efficient with air). So 200 bar is enough for a full (H)FT match plus zeroing range. If you’d need more from this Junior cylinder you can just fill it to a higher pressure up to 300  Bar maximum.


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