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The Walther LG300 Dominator rifles

The Walther LG300 Dominator Field Target Rifle

Some history on the Walther LG300 Dominator field target rifles.

The Walther LG300 Dominator was first launched in 2001. It was the first dedicated Field Target rifle from a continental European manufacturer. The designer (or at least one of them) at the Walther factory was a Field Target shooter at that time.  The Walther Dominator is based on the 7,5 Joule 10 meter ISSF style airrifle, the Walther LG300.  Back then in 2001 the only technical difference between the 7,5 Joule LG300 and the 16 Joule Walther Dominator was the pressure regulator, the heavier striker / hammer and a 490 mm long barrel  compared to 420mm for the Walther LG300 (the cocking lever and barrel shroud were also different but these are cosmetic differences).

The Walther LG300 Dominator was available in 4,5mm calibre and 16 Joule/12 FPE  and 21 Joule/15,5 FPE versions. And the choice of an aluminum Alutec stock or a laminated wooden stock. The 21 Joule version has a stronger hammer spring compared to the 7,5 and 16 Joule versions.

Early Dominator Alutec and Wooden Stock versions

Early Walther LG300 Dominator Alutec and Wooden Stock versions

LG300 Dominator folder

Walther LG300 Dominators had a square black aluminium barrelshroud with an 11mm dovetail and a black aluminium round shroud glued on the front part of the barrel (in front of the barrelband). The 10m LG300 rifles do not have these aluminium shrouds but have a longer carbon fibre shroud. There is a 11mm dovetail on the square shroud but this is not suited very well for scope mounting because it is only held by 2 spring/roll pins in the breechblock and 2 in the barrelband. The shroud can move when pressure is put on it or on the stock to which it is connected by the barrelband. The barrel is free floating within this square shroud. The round front shroud is semi free floating in the barrelband. An o-ring keeps the shroud from touching the barrelband.

The first few Dominators had a 490mm long Polygon rifles barrels fitted (at least up to number 3). But Walther soon stopped fitting the polygon barrels and started used conventionally rifled 490mm barrels.

The first Dominators had a cocking lever with a pin and the old type pressure MK1 regulator without grooves. After a few years (2005?) the regulator was improved. It got a new flat regulator valve (also called “poppet valve”) and new flat seal for this valve instead of an o-ring. The brass cylinder nipple was changed to stainless steel and became less prone to damaged threads. These MK2 regulators have grooves on the outside.

At some moment the firing valve and its seal changed. The firing valve went from a cone shape to a flat sealing surface. The firing valve seal from a green softer material to a white PTFE/teflon material.  The new type MK2 regulator in combination with the new firing valve and seal made the Dominator a much better rifle with regard to temperature sensitivity. Rifles with the new regulator and valve – seal combination do not suffer from temperature induced point of impact shift. Fully free floating the barrel reduces this even more but this is still a modification that the owner has to do for himself.

At a later time the cocking lever changed from the pin to the flat paddle type.

In 2006 the Dominator Hunter went into production. Compared to the Dominator it has a 565mm long barrel with carbon shroud over its full length. And a new (Fürstenberg, F in a star ) laminate woodstock in a lighter brown color compared to the  gray-brown Dominator laminate. It has the short aluminum junior aircilinder (154cm3) and sling swivels. According to manufacturers specifications the Hunter is a much lighter rifle (3,5 kg compared to 5,1 kg for the laminate Dominator).

The Walther LG300 Hunter rifle

The Walther LG300 Hunter rifle

It seems current year 2014 new LG300 Dominator field target rifles are delivered in the grey-brown laminate with carbon barrel shroud and a 565mm barrel. It is delivered with the 267 cm3 Maxi steel air cylinder like the early Dominator. It does not have the square barrelshroud anymore. The weight seems to be around 4,5kg.

2014 type LG300 Dominator

2014 type LG300 Dominator

2014 type_Walther Dominator

2014 type_Walther Dominator


14 thoughts on “The Walther LG300 Dominator rifles

  1. hi Sven
    it is possible fix the lg300 dominator barrel on the lg 400

    • Hi Mesut,
      I do not know that for sure. There are several differences. But I do not know if these are a problem.
      The LG300 has O-rings around the barrel, the LG400 has not.
      The pellet probe is different. In the LG300 the air goes from below through a hole in the probe. The LG400 has a needle like probe where the air passes the needle.
      The pellet probe from the LG300 is cone shaped the LG400 probe is cylindrical.
      An LG300 barrel in the LG400 may work but it can also be that is does not fit.
      I do not know why you would want to use a Dominator barrel? The Dominator barrel is longer but you do not really need this extra length. The 70mm extra length would probably give you 10 m/s extra velocity.

  2. Thanks Sven
    the accuracy on 55 yards is not so good. my best group is 25-30mm
    i want to change the barrel that s was my idea
    my english is not so good

  3. Hello Mesut,
    The accuracy is also very much dependent on the pellet you use. I hope, and I think, you use JSB Exact 8.4grain/0.54gram?
    But then try different batchnumbers (the long 7 or 8 digit number at the bottom of the tin. See ).

    There is a VERY big difference in the accuracy from different BATCH numbers. Forget the head size, that 4.51 or 4.52 says nothing about accuracy. See the pictures on my LG400 page under the header ‘The Walther LG400 Shoots Very Accuracte Now, 21th of may 2014’ about half way down. I tried 3 different batch numbers there (starting with 80, 21 and 11) and the difference in accuracy or group size is dramatic. The batch number starting with number 80 shoots groups of 50mm. The batch number starting with 11 shoots 14mm groups.
    It is all in the batch number. So before switching barrels I would go for switching pellet batch.

  4. hi Sven
    now i use the 10.34 grn and it is much more better. i have groups 12-16 mm my best 5 shot was 11mm
    but i want to fix an cz barrel i think it is maybe more accurate for 25m benchrest.
    do you have any desigins for the barrel for the lg 400

    • Hello Mesut,
      Thanks for your update. I think 12 to 16mm groups are very good, if that is at 50 meters? If it is 12-16mm at 25 meters I would say it’s not accurate enough.
      I guess you have already cleaned the barrel? With a bronze/brass brush? Or with JB bore paste?
      I do not have any drawings of the LG400 barrel. I read somewhere that it has a 10 degree lead in for the pellet probe so you need a 4,50 mm 10 degree reamer.
      CZ barrels seem to be good, but I have no complains about my standard 420mm LG400 barrel. But the demands in benchrest are higher than in field target with the 40mm target at 50 meters.
      Best regards, Sven.

  5. Hello friends.
    Appeared the opportunity to buy a walther LG300 Alutec Dominator 21j. I’m Benchrest’s 25-meter shooter and I’d like your help. Does this gun behave well in shots at 25m from benchrest?
    Thank you
    Best regards

  6. I am intending to have the square/round standard shroud replaced with a carbon fibre shroud. I am leaving the barrel at the standard length as I am so pleased with its accuracy.
    Do you have any recommendations as to size of tube? I am looking at a tube 18mm diameter with an internal diameter of 16mm. Is this suitable? I want to retain the forward frame.
    Any advice appreciated.


    • Hi Jon,

      To start with I’d like to say that I have never removed a shroud or placed one. So my experience is zero.

      The steel barrel inside the square and round shrouds on the Dominator is 15mm diameter, actually it is just a tiny bit under 15mm, something like 14.90mm or 14.95mm. That’s the same as the barrels on the LG300 and LG400 series.
      The 10meter versions of the LG300 and LG400 have carbon shrouds that are 20mm outside diameter and 15mm inside diameter. These are permanently glued to the steel barrel. Based on this I would advise to try a 15mm ID and 20mm OD carbon shroud. But these seem impossible to find on the internet, at least I did not have any luck when I tried.
      Some company must make these as Walther is using them. I tried German websites (the Germans call these “CFK rohr” or “Karbon rohr” if you want to try a search).
      I think you’re not intending to glue the carbon to the barrel? In that case I’d say any 20mm OD carbon tube would do that fits over the barrel. A 20mm OD x 16mm ID would give a nice strong tube and still leave the barrel free to float. A 20mm x 17mm would also do and give some more space around the barrel. My idea is that the cheap 1mm wall carbon is to fragile for a rifle and may easily be damaged.
      Good luck, Sven

      • I eventually went with a CF tube that was 20mm outer diameter and an 18mm inner diameter.
        The tube is extremely strong to say the least. Any impact strong enough to damge the CF tube is going to damage the rifle regardless.
        There is support for the CF tube at the front and rear of the barrel in the form of two short aluminium rings with a muzzle brake to protect the end of the barrel.
        The barrel is free floated as using the full frame caused significant accuracy problems.
        Without the frame I was getting 6 shot 6mm groups at 25 yards using JSB Exact 4.52’s, with the frame the 6 shot group “shotgunned” out to 4cm!!!!
        I retained the lower section to prevent undue cylinder movement as it remains screw off to fill.
        The rifle is about 6cm shorter and feels better balanced.
        Very pleased with the result and thanks for the advice.


  7. Hi
    Hope you can help, I am trying to obtain the 2 screws and 2 washers that hold the rear of the gun mechanism in the stock. Would you be able to help please.

  8. Hi
    Think theses are the part numbers, Collar 2437945 x 2 and counter sunk screw 2399792 x 2

  9. Also looking for a white firing valve seat for my Dominator LG300, any info would help.

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