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The Walther LG400 Anatomic

1. Walther LG400 Anatomic

1. Walther LG400 Anatomic field target rifle

I had the opportunity to buy a second hand Anatomic stock for the Walther LG400 for a very reasonable price. When bought new the Anatomic (€ 2550) version of the LG400 is 970 euro more expensive than the LG400 Economy (€1580) that I bought in the past. The Expert and the Anatomic stocks are easier to adjust while in a shooting position because they have knurled adjustment screws and some other adjustment features.

Because I like the looks of the Anatomic stock and the second hand price was very reasonable I decided to give it a try. The Anatomic stock is a laminated wooden stock that claims to have the same adjustability as the aluminum stock.  This I found to be true.  I put the Anatomic and my LG400 aluminum  stocks side by side on the workbench and it was quite quick and easy to copy the setting from the aluminum stock to the Anatomic. The claimed advantages of the Anatomic over an aluminum LG400 stock are very subjective: “The Looks” and “The Feel”. So it is more of a pimp than anything else. But I find it looks really nice and the feel of the wooden stock is much warmer especially when in the kneeling position holding the fore end.

After arrival the Anatomic stock needed some minor milling to fit the LG400 Field Target action. The pressure regulator of the 16 Joule Field Target rifle is longer than the original LG400 regulator. I needed to widen the space for the regulator a few millimeters for 27mm further forward. The milling did of course expose some bare laminate wood which I sealed with a small brush and some clear car paint to keep the stock sealed and waterproof. The regulator is now free floating in the stock. The barrel is also free floating in the front barrel holder (part no. 18) by just removing the o-ring around the barrel shroud. The Anatomic barrel holder has enough clearance (about 1 mm on each side) for a free floating barrel without further modification.

The Anatomic stock is well made with a high degree of finishing on both the wood and metal parts. No rough patches or edges anywhere. Not even on the inside of the stock. As far as I could see (I took it apart completely and it has quite some deep holes) it is also fully sealed, inside and out, with  a clear matte lacquer. The laminated wood is stained in a blue colour through and through. Shown during the milling I did to the stock.  The clear laquer that Walther uses makes the surface not smooth but feels somewhat rough. Quite nice for a good grip and not slippery at all. The wood of the cheekpiece is even somewhat smoother so it does give a nice cheek contact that does not rub when changing head position.

LG400 Anatomic Schaft

LG400 Anatomic Stock Exploded view and part no.’s.

Most parts on the Anatomic stock are made of water resistant materials like aluminum and stainless steel. I replaced a few  black carbon steel bolts with stainless ones to prevent rusting (in the picture above the no.’s 41, 42, 43, 45, 47, 56 and 61 ). This stock was developed for 10m indoor shooting but for outdoor Field Target use it could do with minimal use of carbon steel parts. The main carbon steel part on my Anatomic stock is currently the grip adjustment assembly (part no.’s 6, 3, 2, 31 and a steel sleeve inside the wooden grip). These parts allow the pistol grip to move in all directions.

LG400 3D Memory Grip parts.

LG400 3D Memory Grip parts.

I have lightly oiled all the blackened carbon steel parts with Break Free CLP to prevent rust. I have used Break Free for this purpose for years now and have not seen rusty parts on my rifles or the bolts on numerous scope mounts.

I have been shooting the Walther LG400 field target rifle in it’s new Anatomic stock twice now. The advantages of adjusting the stock while in the shooting position make it faster and easier to get the stock set up. And the fore end feels much better and warmer when holding it for the kneeling position compared to the aluminum fore end. But all this normally comes at quite a high cost (€ 1000) compared to the LG400 Economy and even more compared to the new LG400 Blacktec when buying a new LG400.

LG400 Anatomic Field Target

2. Walther LG400 Anatomic Field Target rifle

LG400 Anatomic Field Target.

3. Walther LG400 Anatomic Field Target rifle.


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