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Anschütz Stabilisator Dimensions

I measured the dimensions of my spare Anschütz Stabilisator. Anschutz uses the same type of shot reaction absorber as the one that Steyr developed for their LG100 and LG110 rifles. The Stabilisator is used in the Anschütz 8002 S2 and Anschutz 9003 S2 air rifles.

The advantage of the Anschutz Stabilisator is that it can be adjusted for travel distance from the outside, without having to disassemble the rifle.

The Steyr Stabilizer body has a lenght of  94.48mm, which is 16.94mm longer than the Anschutz Stabilisator body of 77.54mm.


Anschutz S2 Stabilisator exploded view.

Part number 200 is the spring (0.90 x 3.6 x 20.5mm) that drives the Stabilisator mass (Part 205) backwards.

Part no. 201 is the adjuster that sets the protrusion of the spring 200 .

Part 202 is the friction ring that brakes the Stabilisator.

Part 203 are the 3 springs.

Part 204 is a Perlon safety pin (2x8mm).

Stabilisator 20160607_071331

Packed Stabilisator with article number 008425 for a complete Stabilisator (costs 129 Euro at German retailers (2016 price))

Stabilisator 20160607_072139

Stabilisator comes complete with a bush to keep the friction ring, 3 balls and 3 springs in place. I put an o-ring on myself to keep these parts in place while measuring.

Stabilisator 20160607_071702

Diameter 12.86mm

Stabilisator 20160607_071733

Length: 77.54mm (Steyr Stabilizer = 94.48mm)

Stabilisator 20160607_071844

Groove width: 3.45mm

Stabilisator 20160607_071933

Head diameter: 12.53mm

Stabilisator 20160607_072012

rim thickness: 2.60mm

The older type S1 Stabilisator was slightly different:

INFO_9003Premium unterschied S1-S2_DEINFO_9003Premium unterschied S1-S2_DE